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As you make your way around the downtown area, you’ll likely notice a series of maroon signs offering directions to various locations. The signs were created as part of a project to help residents and visitors alike find city offices, retail shopping, parking locations, public restrooms, and the way to Southwestern University. The signs have also made their way to other parts of Georgetown to identify neighborhoods, tourist destinations, historic points of interest, and recreation areas. If, at any point, you find yourself unsure of where to go, just look for the signs!

In 2012, the City of Georgetown and Southwestern University joined forces to make an addition to the stone welcome sign on Highway 29. Because the university is such an important part of the community, city and school officials felt adding “Home to Southwestern University” to the sign located nearest the college would help reinforce the partnership between the two organizations and show Georgetown’s Pirate pride.


Getting around downtown Georgetown is pretty simple, even if you’re not from around these parts. In 2003, city leaders adopted the Downtown Master Plan for growth and development, including a system of wayfinding signage to assist residents and visitors in navigating various parts of Georgetown. The program is comprised of signs that direct both vehicles and pedestrians throughout the area and identify locations important for visiting, living, and working in Georgetown.

The maroon signs indicate the way to just about anything you might need around town. If you’re walking the Square, you’ll easily find public restrooms, points of interest, and city offices. If you’re driving around town, the way to the historic district, Southwestern University, and the airport are easily identified. Check the wayfinding signs anytime you need a little direction around town. There are even handy maps of downtown to help orient and give a frame of reference to your spot on the Square.

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