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originalstreetIt’s not a very well-kept secret that living downtown is pretty great. Looking for good food? Grab a table. Need a new dress or a gift for mom? Look no further. Sweet tooth beckoning? Pop into the candy shop to cure what ails you. Everything modern families need for a full and fabulous life is right here, including entertainment, fitness, health and wellness, and professional services.


Housing on and off the Square encompasses enough variety to meet just about anyone’s taste. The Old Town area, featuring homes built in the 1800s to present-day, offers everything from apartments and condominiums to Craftsman bungalows and stately Victorians. A little closer to the San Gabriel River are even more residential areas featuring luxury multi-family housing for lease or purchase.


The perks to living downtown are many: exercise and leisure are quite literally within walking distance as the San Gabriel Park hike and bike trail and recreation areas connect directly with downtown; many of the best festivals and events in Georgetown take place on the Square and in San Gabriel Park; the proximity to educational and cultural establishments bring learning and entertainment opportunities right to your doorstep; and while it may feel secluded, nestled in the heart of town, the Square is located near several major highways, making travel to outside destinations quite simple.


Visit the pages in this section for more information on living the good life in downtown Georgetown.

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